The breakdance is best known in the dance hip hop culture. It is mainly made up of stunts. So much so that the possibility of including breakdancing in the 2014 Olympic Games is being studied. And the fact is that breakdancers have the ground as their main dance area. Typical movements include top rocks, footwork, freezes, and power moves.

But leaving aside the more professional part, we are going to focus on the dance suitable for all dancers, even non-experts.

Step touch

Maybe it sounds familiar to aerobics classes. It consists of opening and closing the legs laterally and somewhat bent.


As the name suggests, it is a landslide. One leg opens and the other joins, creeping slightly.


It consists of walking crossing one leg in front. If you add a good dose of flow to this, it is a very simple step that can be very top.

March Fun Walk

Before taking the step forward, bend the knee up and then do the same with the other leg.


It is performing movements with the trunk as if you were doing the robot.

Kick Ball Change

With one leg, a soft kick is struck close to the ground, and that same leg comes back. When it is supported behind with this same leg, the other leg is advanced to stamp on the front.


Imitating the movement of the waves with your arms can be very useful to accompany slow rhythms.

We leave you a video in which some basic steps to dance hip hop are explained slowly and clearly and not despair in the attempt.

Like most things in life, learning to dance takes practice. Whatever style it is. But if what you like is hip hop, take advantage of urban sounds as trendsetters