Author: Phyllis Fernandez

Dance Tips


The breakdance is best known in the dance hip hop culture. It is mainly made up of stunts. So much so that the possibility of including breakdancing in the 2014 Olympic Games is being studied. And the fact is that breakdancers have the ground as their main dance area. Typical movements include top rocks, footwork, freezes, and power moves.

But leaving aside the more professional part, we are going to focus on the dance suitable for all dancers, even non-experts.

Step touch

Maybe it sounds familiar to aerobics classes. It consists of opening and closing the legs laterally and somewhat bent.


As the name suggests, it is a landslide. One leg opens and the other joins, creeping slightly.


It consists of walking crossing one leg in front. If you add a good dose of flow to this, it is a very simple step that can be very top.

March Fun Walk

Before taking the step forward, bend the knee up and then do the same with the other leg.


It is performing movements with the trunk as if you were doing the robot.

Kick Ball Change

With one leg, a soft kick is struck close to the ground, and that same leg comes back. When it is supported behind with this same leg, the other leg is advanced to stamp on the front.


Imitating the movement of the waves with your arms can be very useful to accompany slow rhythms.

We leave you a video in which some basic steps to dance hip hop are explained slowly and clearly and not despair in the attempt.

Like most things in life, learning to dance takes practice. Whatever style it is. But if what you like is hip hop, take advantage of urban sounds as trendsetters

DJ Tips

Three Ways And Styles Of Being A DJ

 Long ago, the term DJ stopped referring to the person in charge of putting one record after another in a disco. Today, the figure of the DJ is as revered as the great rock bands of yesteryear, some of them earn astronomical salaries, and their training and specialization reached heights unthinkable years ago.

For a DJ, turntables are his instrument. And just like a guitar, there are radically different ways to make them sound. Their versatility is, in fact, the reason why they are found in disparate styles. “You can use the turntables to play your parents’ LPs, to mix songs at different speeds or use them as if they were an instrument, scratching, ” sums up Niño Caos, drum’n’bass DJ. For Gorgeous, a regular pop-rock DJ from Madrid venues like Moby Dick or McGinty’s Goat, “DJing techno has nothing to do with DJing pop. The technique is different; the musical knowledge is different … even the sound source is different”.

We review three different ways to face the turntables of the hand of three leading DJs in their respective styles with a common denominator: to make the public have a great time.

D-Stro 187, hip hop DJ

Born in Madrid 30 years ago, he has played in numerous venues and festivals throughout Spain, has been a DJ teacher, and is a true virtuoso of scratch, impossible mixing, and forceful bases, which has led him to be one of the most renowned national hip hop DJs.

How did you get into this world? I started as a breakdancer in the late nineties. One fine day I saw a video of Grand Master Flash (pioneer of hip hop) in which I was scratching, and from that moment, I knew that my destiny was to become a DJ.

What is the key to a good hip hop session? You have to observe your audience, combine the variety of styles within the genre, master basic mixing and scratching techniques, and have a broad knowledge of hip hop history.

What are the peculiarities of DJing hip hop? Basically, vinyl is still used, and the techniques used are style specific. We use scratch, beat juggling, and various turntablism techniques to make the sessions more enjoyable.

What record can you never miss in your suitcase? I always carry DJ Qbert’s Super Seal, which is a scratch effects record . I always use it for my sets.

What’s the best and worst thing about working in the world of the night? The best thing is to be able to share your musical tastes with the public and have the opportunity to go on tour and get to know other cities. The worst: sometimes having to splice for several days in a row without sleeping.

Marcos In Dub, Techno-house DJ

He is a resident of Goa and Weekend and has made cities like London or Berlin dance. He just published the Ep Kaos (Monofunk) last 2010.

He has played drum N bass, jungle, house, techno … what is he left with? I started freestyle because I like many styles of music. The evolution in my taste for the club sound or the dance floor has led me to know and investigate rhythms such as house or techno, these being the ones in which I put more interest. Today they feed me, and they continue to amaze me like the first day.

Do you need the training to be a good DJ? The best training is desire and passion. The rest is given by the years.

What topic is a must in your sessions? Marcos in the dub, Kaos ep. The original or any of its remixes.

Is the relationship between electronics and drugs oversized? Here everyone takes what they want, whether it’s dancing techno or being a Los Chicos clap. What happens is that as it is illegal and is frowned upon, it is easier to point to the one next to it. The politicians and rich men who go to the top … what music will they listen to?